Dr. Zhao Zhang

Assistant Professors (PI) in Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Shanghai Medical College, Fudan University.


  1. Ph.D. Bioinformatics, Fudan University (2016)
  2. Postdoc, University of Texas Health Science center at Houston (UThealth, 2021)

Research Interests

We focus on dynamic alternations of regulatory elements in large scale cohort and complex diseases using cutting-edge bioinformatical algorithm and biotechniques. Recent researches including:

  1. Characterized regulatory elements such as eRNA and histone enzymes across species, tissues and cancer types, and uncover their potential utility in development and clinical treatment (Nature Commutations, 2019; Nucleic Acids Research 2021, 2022; Cancer Research, 2022, Advanced Science, 2023).
  2. Using pan-cancer analyses to understand key factors in tumorigenesis and aid to drug developments (The Innovations, 2023; Genome Medicine, 2020; RNA Biology, 2019; Communications Biology, 2018; Clinical epigenetics, 2021). We have invited to contribute to review, commentary and spotlight by multiple journals, including, Nature Biotechnology, Trends in Genetics, Trends in Molecular Medicine, Trends in Cancers and Oncogene. We have published about 50 peer-reviewed papers with total citation near 2000.